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Discover the first three stories in our Art Heals podcast here: 

The first story is about singer/song-writer, Sarah Jickling and how she manages to get past her "family curse", to become an inspiration and speaker throughout British Columbia high schools.

The second story is about Alaric Posey and his search for meaningful work.  We get a glimpse into his life, where he started and how he became the Choir Manager & Assistant Conductor, of the Highs & Lows mental health Choir.

The third story is about soundscape artist, sylvi macCormac who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 21.  Discover her journey as she continuously adapts her artistry - be it composing, pottery or filmmaking, to her body's physical loss.

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Press Release



A New Podcast About Art and Mental Health Arrives

When We Need It Most


Vancouver, BC (November 5, 2020) A group of local volunteers just released Art Heals, a new podcast about arts and mental health, and the people who create to heal.  

When the team — created by multi-instrumentalist and music producer Earle Peach — got together a year ago to start planning, they had no idea how timely a mental health podcast would be in 2020.


“I think Art Heals is most relevant during the pandemic because people are more isolated than ever before,” says podcast host Elaine Joe, who’s also a musician, composer, and mental health consumer. “The problem with isolation is it can create loneliness, and loneliness can create depression. That can lead people to not reach out, and hurt themselves, or to wait too long to reach out, and hurt others.”  

The podcast highlights artists and creative initiatives where arts and mental health meet. The aim is to inspire, raise awareness, reduce stigmas, and explore diverse stories of healing. 

The first episode features Sarah Jickling, a Vancouver-based musician and mental health advocate who isn’t afraid to sing about her journey through bipolar and intergenerational trauma recovery. She talks about her newest record The Family Curse, released almost exactly a year ago, which was instrumental to her healing.  

In the second episode, you’ll meet Alaric Posey, a local composer and music teacher. He’s also the assistant conductor and manager of the Highs & Lows — a low-barrier choir that promotes wellness for people with mental health challenges. 

Art Heals provides inspirational stories from people who society sometimes categorizes as not being able to contribute much,” Joe says. “The first two episodes demonstrate just how much people with diverse life experiences have to offer. This podcast also helps caregivers understand people who live with a mental health challenge. So it’s a very supportive and accessible way to understand mental health through the creative arts.”

 Listen to Art Heals on your favourite podcast streaming platform, or on the Art Heals Podbean page:  

The Art Heals team:

·       Earle Peach, Producer

·       Elaine Joe, Host & Interviewer

·       Serena Renner, Writing & Direction

·       Laurence Richard, Design & Distribution

Arts Report Interview Hosting & Choosing Interviewees
Interview on the Arts Report on how I became the host and interviewer of Art Heals.  We cover how we choose our interviewees, and the inspiration they show us in turning their disability into an inspiration.

Red Eye Interview Inspiration for "Art Heals"

Interview on the Red Eye about the inspiration that began the podcast, Sarah's breakthrough in producing an album while on medication and Alaric's journey in finding the Highs & Lows Choir and becoming a big part of it.

Do you know someone inspiring?

If you know of someone who inspires others through their creative life who is at the intersection of arts and mental health, please let us know.  We are constantly working on creating new podcasts and we'd like to see if there's a good fit with our show.  mailto:

Latest News:

Just Released:  The Remarkable Life of sylvi macCormac

Discover why Sylvi was nominated as one of Vancouver's  Remarkable Women in 2012.  From her soundscapes which highlight the plight of the Coast Salish people to being a filmmaker, musician and composerHear how she continuously turns her debilitating illness into artistry.

Art Heals Podcast gets syndicated by the University of British Columbia's radio show, CiTR.

We've been given a bi-monthly spot for our show!  Listen to us on Saturdays at noon on CiTR 101.9, after the "Saturday Edge" music show.  Our first show will be aired on January 30, 2021. 

The Other Press interviews Art Heals host, Elaine Joe