"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."  


Elaine Joe is a pianist, accompanist, composer, teacher, blogger and podcast host.  

She enjoys performing as a soloist, as a duo and in bands.   Her experience covers an eclectic range of styles, from Classical, Broadway, World to Popular, which she draws on, to play and teach a diverse repertoire.   She currently accompanies 4 choirs, leads sectionals, and works as a teacher at the Horizon School of Music in Vancouver.

It was an offer of candy that started her musical career at the age of 4. 

By age ten, she won the silver medal across Canada for the second highest marks at the Royal Conservatory of Music, in grade 6.

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While playing competitively in the Kiwanis, Burnaby Clef and North Shore Festivals, she took home over eight 1st place finishes. From here, she developed a competitive spirit in life, and learned how to perform in front of an audience, while being publicly adjudicated.

She reached grade 10 piano with the Royal Conservatory, studying with Edward Parker, teacher of world renowned concert pianist Jon Kimura Parker.  

Music & Musings Musings on life and upcoming performances

When performing solo, she likes to play music to transmit the composer’s brilliance of the piece, then use her interpretation of it to evoke a sense of feeling in her listeners. Be it joy, angst, love, nostalgia or playfulness, she wants you to feel something.  

For her most recent performances and upcoming events click on "Music & Musings."

As a teacher, Elaine uses fun, alternative methods to get you through your blocks in a kind and compassionate manner.  She says, “I play at being:  Curious, inquisitive, fun and imaginative in a relaxed and enthusiastic manner. " 

As a composer, she's written music for the independent film, "Getting Ahead" and the theme song for the "Art Heals Podcast. She enjoys writing piano ballads to reflect her life's journey.
As a light accordion player she became enamoured with the tango while playing with the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle.

As a result, she wrote a tango piece for piano that she hopes to record and publish soon. Recently, she began composing songs on the accordion and is curious as to where that will lead her.

Over the years, she’s played keyboard with the “10th Ave Trio”, organ and accordion with the funk band, “Lovedrunk” and improvisational accordion with the Spanish group “Sureando”.  

Recently, she teamed together with violinist, Jessie Tseng, to perform Russian gypsy tunes for a breast cancer fundraiser.  In February 2021 they performed a series of live Zoom concerts for Valentine's.  Stay tuned as they work on their recordings and performances this summer.

Last summer, she began working with talented violist, Thomas Beckman, collaborating on movie sound tracks to create recordings for this Spring.   Their first release is "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".  Listen here for their magical collaboration:  https://soundcloud.com/elaine-joe-387308874/pure-imagination-1

Thomas & Elaine Entertain the Granville Garden Residents
Her most recent project is hosting the "Art Heals" podcast. An inspirational podcast that follows the journey of artists, musicians, comedians and anyone who leads a creative life while working through their mental illness. 

Go here to discover more about the Art Heals podcast:  http://www.elainejoe.com/art-heals-podcast

Away from the music, she can be found on the mountain snowboarding, x-country skiing or rollerblading in the summer.  She has a passion for treehouses and sometimes practices in the trees.

In her quiet time she journals, philosophizes about life, blogs about leading a passionate and creative life, writes poetry and practices Qi Gong .